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How to add Light Snack bar to NextJs App

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Sanskar Tiwari
·Oct 10, 2022·

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I have seen many modules which can be used as snack-bar but i want to keep my code light and the snack-bar fully customisable. So let’s see how i added snackbar to my recent next-js web app

Step 1: First Add

to your pages/_app.js file

function MyApp({ Component, pageProps }) {
  return <>
    <Component {...pageProps} /> <div id="blurweb__snackbar"></div>

Now once you have added this not this snackbar can be used from any page of your nextjs app

Step 2: Add showSnackbar function, just create a file called utils.js and add this so we can import it to any page when required.

export function showSnackbar(message) { // Get the snackbar DIV var x = document.getElementById("blurweb__snackbar"); // Add the "show" class to DIV x.innerText = `${message}`; x.className = "show"; // After 3 seconds, remove the show class from DIV setTimeout(function () { x.className = x.className.replace("show", ""); }, 3000); }

Step 3: Add the styling

``` #blurweb__snackbar { visibility: hidden; / Hidden by default. Visible on click / width: 50vw; min-width: 250px; / Set a default minimum width / margin-left: -25vw; / Divide value of min-width by 2 / background-color: #333; / Black background color / color: #fff; / White text color / text-align: center; / Centered text / border-radius: 2px; / Rounded borders / padding: 16px; / Padding / position: fixed; / Sit on top of the screen / z-index: 132535235; / Add a z-index if needed / left: 50%; / Center the snackbar / bottom: 30px; / 30px from the bottom / }

/ Show the snackbar when clicking on a button (class added with JavaScript) / { visibility: visible; / Show the snackbar / / Add animation: Take 0.5 seconds to fade in and out the snackbar. However, delay the fade out process for 2.5 seconds / / -webkit-animation: fadein 0.5s, fadeout 0.5s 2.5s; / / animation: fadein 0.5s, fadeout 0.5s 2.5s; / }```

I have some css commented and according to me, you can customise this as you like

Done 🎉 to use it just call the showSnackbar(”message”) with your message

thanks for reading if you want to try how this works i have added this to when you will submit email on the page if wrong it will show snackbar

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